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d300 setup
linux setup

once you have your cf card or camera mounted you will need to transfer the pictures from it. the script I use for that is camsync. it has grown into an embarassing ugly monster of a script, but it does the job. someday I'll clean it up and make it more generic... maybe.

I also wrote a quick and very dirty script to show the important differences in exif data between two images, resulting in output like this:

$ exifdiff dsc00448.jpg dsc00449.jpg
tag                      dsc00448.jpg                  dsc00449.jpg
ExposureCompensation     -1/3                          -2/3
ShutterSpeed             1/200                         1/250

the script I wrote to do this is here

one thing I like to do is have the mtime of my images match the date it was taken. this is particularly because I have a d300, d70, and a coolpix 4300, so the image names overlap and sort in the wrong order. anyway, to sync the mtime to the exif date I use this simple script, after which 'ls -lt' and other tools like gthumb show things in the proper order.

raw processing
photo printing

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