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d70 setup
linux setup

my current linux setup involves an ibm thinkpad a31 and a generic workstation, both running some version of fedora. along with these I use a cf card reader to transfer images from the card to my computers. because the d70 supports USB mass storage you could just use the camera as well.

to get fedora (core 1 and 2) to recognize my cf card in the card reader I needed to tweak "/etc/updfstab.conf.default" so that the "camera" entry looked like this

device camera {
    partition 1
    match   hd DSC
    match   hd CAMERA
    match   hd USB-DRIVEUNIT
    match   hd PENTAX
    match   hd PSC
    match   hd SanDisk

the final entry in the list is what I added, and matches the sandisk card I use - if you are using a different card then check the output of "dmesg" after plugging in the card and modify accordingly.

the reason I placed my card in the "camera" section is that I am now free to "mount /mnt/camera" and it works whether I plugged in my cf card or my camera. I like consistency.

note that "/etc/updfstab.conf.default" doesn't exist in fedora core 3. while I couldn't find what the replacement is, it seems my card is recognized automatically and appears under "/media". so fedora++ for "just working" and fedora-- for not letting me know why or what to change if it doesn't "just work."

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