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d70 setup

setting up the d70 isn't all that difficult, but there are a bunch of things you can do to make life easier if you want to shoot in jpeg mode. I used to link to blake haber's d70 pages, but now he charges for them. if you want to pay for knowledge that used to be free, you can hit google. if you want to take full advantage of the information superhighway, you'll figure out what the internet wayback machine is, plug in the appropriate url, and read the appropriate site when it was (appropriately) free. if you want other, equally good d70 tips and advice for free, check out planetneil.

if you want to install an in-camera curve you will need nikon capture, which only runs on windows and which isn't included with the camera. nikon offers a 30 day trial period, which is all you need to upload the curve to your camera. well, that and some version of windows. I use vmware to host windows so that the rest of my world isn't infected.

also note that if you are using ufraw and shooting in raw mode you don't need to bother with the in-camera curve - you can apply the fotogenics curve (or any other, for that matter) during the raw conversion process. see the ufraw curves page for more information. personally, I've been favoring the nikon d70 input profile lately, sometimes applying the fotogenics curve and sometimes sticking with a linear curve. but even without the fotogenics curve, the nikon input color profile provides much better colors than the native sRGB profile. YMMV.

after you get the color settings for the camera situated, you might want to tweak the interface as well. these are some settings that may help you get started - I like like almost all of his suggestions, but you can make up your own mind. in addition to those, I've made some additional tweaks not mentioned there:

o turn the "csm menu" option to "detailed" (page 161 in the d70 manual). this lets you see all the d70 menu options available, not just a subset.

o set the "file number sequence" setting to "on" (page 159). if you don't do this then the picture numbering will start at 0001 every time you use a different card, reformat the current card, etc. how annoying.

o set "rotate tall" to off (page 126). this allows you to actually see the picture in the review screen after you take a portrait-oriented picture. it doesn't affect the image on the cf card in any way.

o I prefer to shoot in aperture priority mode, but don't like that the aperture control is the dial on the front of the camera. you can toggle which dial controls the aperture using the "command dial" menu option (page 147).

after all of that you should be ready to take some pictures. *whew*

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